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As the world evolve, your marketing ideas should readjust, too. While many of the common strategies still work today, new techniques, like social media and environmental marketing, are turning into key components of any successful restaurant marketing campaign. Here are the top 10 techniques for marketing your restaurant:

1. Get good press.

To receive great press, you can try helping the area, making innovative changes.

2. Make a blog.

More and more, customers across the area are looking to the World wide web to decide where to grab dinner next. If your business does not have its own online presence, you will possibly lose hundreds of potential customers.

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Your menu is your greatest marketing weapon, and an uninteresting, out-of-date or offensive menu can cause consumers to apprehend a low value for your restaurant. Make sure your menu is refreshed, well-written and appealing.

4. Implement a customer retention program.

Regular customers are your most valuable asset. Not only do they generally give you 1/3 of your business, but they also help market your business through word of mouth. To get the most business, you need to increase your number of recurring customers.

5. Throw parties.

Turn your restaurant into a scene for community, business and business meetings, parties, live comedy shows, live performances and other events. This will help you to bring in new customers and give your normal guests a reason to visit regularly.

6. Promote other products.

Increasing the average check size at your restaurant is one of the most effective methods to boost profits. By training servers or employees to get to know the guest and suggest similar side dishes, cocktails or desserts, you will concurrently grow your revenue and better the customer experience.

7. Market your take-out and delivery service.

Providing take-out or delivery does little good if no one knows about it. Use direct mail, suggestive selling, your website and take-out and delivery menus to market these meals.

8. Gather subscribers for your email list.

When compared with usual postcard marketing, email marketing is speedier and more effective, saves time, reduces operation expenses and has a higher chance to convert to a sale.

9. Be more environmental friendly.

Implementing green practices will help your profits by reducing utility bills and giving you an edge over the other restaurants. Market your eco friendly restaurant to show guests that you conserve energy and reduce pollution.

10. Have contents .

Having guests sign up for a competition or raffle at your restaurant is always a smart strategy. It will help you form your marketing clientelle, and it will also give customers an excuse to revisit.

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